About Me

I am assuming that you are a fellow food lover like me since you visited my blog. I have lots of yummy, healthy recipes to share. I started blogging my recipes more than a year ago  and I am still on a roller coaster ride with a faulty kick starter. So please bear with me as I venture forth on this journey of  blogging my relish dishes even as I try to spew forth my culinary skills in the form of easy to make recipes.

This blog is an endeavor to impart not only my culinary know how but also to educate people on healthy ways to make delicious dishes and also to dispel the myth that only ingredients steeped in saturated fat can be appealing to the taste buds. Not so, my friend. I will share with you my recipes to prove that tasty dishes can be made and relished with little or no saturated fat. I will be featuring recipes specifically for lowering fat alongside ordinary recipes for cooking in a healthy way. Please do not be disillusioned by the scarcity of recipes as I have just started building the site.

Please visit my blog frequently and please do let me know if and how my recipes helped you.

Feel free to visit my other blogs as well.

I would love to hear from you at bethfreelancewriter@gmail.com

Thank you!


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